What are the differences between French and Nordic home designs?

It is not an understatement that the French and Nordic styles have many differences. For instance, Nordic home designs having its origins in very remote geographical areas while the case is different for urban French. Do you want to know the difference between French and Nordic home design?


Perhaps the most powerful difference is in the history of the two national styles. The Nordic style was developed in Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Finland as well as Denmark at the end of the 20th century as a way to replace the little natural light that they have during most of the year, and therefore focuses on using light colors. On the other hand, the French-style began in the middle 15th century when ideas from Italy began to influence the structure and design of French buildings.


When it comes to analyzing the materials that dominate the styles, we find that the basis of the Nordic style is inclined towards natural materials, so wood is a favorite in Nordic interiors, as well as materials such as linen, cotton, or wool when choosing fabrics to dress our home. The French style focuses on a lot of decorative materials because of the French’s preference for experience and romantic design. They make use of decorative objects such as rich golden frames for mirrors, silverware, porcelain, and highly ornate carved furniture upholstered in very rich fabrics such as silk and brocade, as well as crystal chandeliers. If you need ideas about where to get French or Nordic materials, you can check out design companies like HomeSquare.


The French-style furniture stands out for having wooden structures worked on the edges. The details on the ends of the furniture, are mostly visible. such as the legs of a table, the back of a sofa, or a chair. It also is usually made of solid wood, with a curved design especially on the table legs, on the armrests and backs, with decorative carvings. Meanwhile, the Nordic furniture design stands out especially for being functional and comfortable, with smooth, straight, and refined lines. They are furniture of organic shapes, made from natural materials such as wood. They are not beautified with any ornamentation, with the main values ​​being simplicity, comfort, and above all functionality. You should read furniture companies’ reviews before considering investing in either Nordic or French designs.

The Cost of Design

The Nordic design is minimalist – devoid of ornamentation. It is based on bright spaces, with white walls or very light colors – due to the limitation of natural lighting due to its climate and location. By the use of wooden furniture, Nordic style focuses on creating a simple, functional, and full of comfort. This is different compared to a French design where luxury and elegance are the main characteristics. The ostentatious and detailed decorative elements it entails are the main characteristic of the French style.

Print or Pattern

The Nordic favor typical prints and some motifs that represent basic elements of nature – animals, forests, or mythological creatures. Another type of pattern loved by the Nordic is a simple geometric.

The French, on the other hand, prefer the pastel range, the presence of patterns such as floral or quadrillé prints are the main characteristic of French interior design.

Author: Helen Williams